Anatoli Ljung och Sjöberg, eng

I drive my car both drunk and high, and in the back seat I have a gun

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“A few weeks later I take a flare on a joint that is sent around. At that moment, it seems completely natural. And when I sit a few months later with a needle of amphetamine in my arm, I am still not prepared to admit to myself that I was wrong. ”

This is part of Anatoli Garcia Barro’s story of his almost three year long relapse, a journey straight into the abyss. A relapse does not begin with the first glass or pill. It is not a sudden event. The journey is rather filled with warning signals. It is the end of a sometimes long and downward trending spiral.


As a manager and employer, it is important to be even more vigilant and to really open your eyes and early on act on signals that may indicate that your employee is having problems. We protect the business while we have a unique opportunity to save lives!

Do not miss this webinar, where Anatoli, our dear colleague and friend, shares his story, his self-deception. A breathtaking and to say the least inspiring journey that takes us through the darkest of darkness but also shows us the light when the turning point occurs.

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